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Disfruta de este clásico cuento del lobo y descubren por qué nunca quiere comer otro cerdo.

Enjoy this classic tale and discover why the wolf would never want to eat another pig.

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La leyenda cuenta las hazañas de un ratoncito que se convirtió en un famoso dentista.  El ratoncito buscaba los dientes que los niños dejan bajo su almohada y les deja un regalo a cambio. 

Mouse Pérez is the story about a mouse who became a famous dentist by using the teeth that are left under the pillow for the tooth fairy.

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Listen to this classic tale about Mother Duck's biggest and ugliest duckling who one day realizes that he is not an ugly duckling after all.

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Disfrute de esta historia sobre un campesino de las montañas, que es reconocido por sus grandes hazañas y se casa con la hija de los reyes. Enjoy this story about a farmer from the mountains who is recognized for his great deeds and marries the Kings daugther.

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What happens when Rooster hands over the job of waking the barnyard animals to his son? Find out in this Aesop fable! (2:47)

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In this fable, the fox learns that there is no harm in reaching a goal with the help of a friend.

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