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Curious George and The Man With the Yellow Hat visit the Orlando Public Library to read stories, sing and dance, and get their very own library cards! (1:50) (.mp4 video format; iPhone and iPod Touch compatible)

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Long ago in India, monkeys learned just how delicious trouble can be – and they’ve been making trouble ever since! (4:49) (mp3 audio format)

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There was a peacock who thought of nothing else but her own beauty. Once day she saw a Crane who was in search for his food. In trying to get the Cranes attention, she would only get upset. Until one day the Crane gave her what she wanted but to her surprise it wasn’t how she wanted it. (1:47) (mp3 audio format)

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Enjoy your summer, but don’t forget to come to the library. Find out about some of the exciting events happening this summer at the library just for teens. (1:12) (mp3 audio format)

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