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Enjoy this great story for kids about a dog's life is changed in many ways by a gold ring that he finds on the street! (2:34)

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Una flor hermosas vive en un bonito jardín. Cuando la rana llega se da cuenta de su belleza y se complementa con ella, pero por ser feo la flor le mando que se fuera del jardin. Hasta que una tormenta viene flor necesita a rana.

A beautiful flowers lives in a nice garden. When Frog comes along he notices her beauty and compliments her, but to Frogs surprise, for being ulgy he get’s kicked out. Until a storm come along and flower notices she needs frog. (1:50)

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If you write poems, lyrics, or raps, we want your submissions! Enter to win our annual Teen Poetry Contest! April is filled with Teen Programs from Earth day inspired programs to a kooky and crazy Hot Tempered Feathered Creatures program. Check out what it’s all about! (1:47) 

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