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This is part 2 of 2 in our series - Networking Advice for Surviving the Entertainment Business.

In this episode we talk with  Chris Goyzueta, a manager, live show professional, instructor, podcaster and more.  Chris works as an instructor at Full Sail University and host's a podcast of his own "Making It with Chris G.".  Chris does a great job helping us to shine a light on how to be successful from a business perspective.

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This is part 1 of 2 in our series - Networking Advice for Surviving the Entertainment Business.

In this episode we talk with our in house social media guru Marko Torres. Marko shines some light on how to use social media effectively and appropriately. We also discuss individual platforms and how to use each one best.

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A great many behavioral problems in dogs can be prevented with proper care and training. If you have a rescued dog or are planning on getting one from a local shelter or rescue, Todd Campbell, owner of South Orlando Dog Training, would like to inspire you to train your rescue the right way with no force and no pain. He will educate you on new reward based training methods that will make your new furry friend love to be with you and obey you. A well trained dog becomes a well-adjusted dog.

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Fall and winter is the best time of the year to grow vegetables in Central Florida. In an informative presentation by the Gardens’ Director (and avid vegetable grower), learn how to grow armloads of vegetables for your family without chemicals and weeds. Based on seven years of intensive testing in the Leu Gardens’ vegetable garden, discover what to grow and which varieties grow best in fall and winter.

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In this episode we explore the definition of music and composition. We discuss how these boundaries are being pushed in Orlando and the truly unique role the Timucua Arts Foundation is playing in creating an excellent community for our local music scene. Our Special guests: Christopher Belt, Executive Director of the Timucua Arts Foundation and Jeremy Adams a local Orlando composer and musician.

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Five hundred years ago, Juan Ponce de León landed on what he believed was another Caribbean Island. In honor of the Pascua Florida, or Easter Sunday, he named the “island” la Florida. In this fascinating talk, historian J. Michael Francis explores the legacy of Ponce’s voyages to the peninsula, exposing the many myths that dominate popular perceptions about the Spanish colonization of Florida. He’ll also examine the lives of the many forgotten protagonists in 16th-century Florida, as Europeans, Africans, and Indians forged a New World.

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The topic of this episode revolves around building and investing in your home project studio. Chase, Jonathan and Leo discuss the differences in their own workflows and studio setups. We cover topics ranging from acoustics and gear to studio layout and vibe.

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The topic of this episode revolves around the concept of stereo recording techniques. We also had the opportunity to interview Ryan See, an Audio Artist at EA Tiburon in Maitland, FL. Ryan provides insight into what it's like to work as a sound designer for games.

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Poet and musician Leo AEther performed with Ka Malinalli (Kattya Graham) and Juan Burgos at the Chickasaw Branch as part of the Library’s weeklong participation in Outside the Lines; celebrating creativity and innovation in libraries. Leo recited original poetry and performed original music.

Fue una tarde llena de música y poesía en la biblioteca de Chickasaw con el cantautor y poeta Leo Aether. AEther presento musica de su extensa discografía y lecturas de su libro de poemas Gaviotas de Papel. El comparto el escenario con talentosos musicos locales Ka Malinalli y Juan Burgos. Este evento fue parte de Fuera de las Líneas, una celebración de la creatividad y la innovación en las bibliotecas.

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Abbi Glines is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, and Existence series. Please enjoy highlights from her Q&A session to celebrate the release of her newest book, Up in Flames.

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